Fashion Washable Cotton Face Mask
Fashion Washable Cotton Face Mask
Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters
Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters
Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters
Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters
Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters

Washable Cotton Face Mask with Filters

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Yemaya Moon introduces our reusable Cotton Masks with PM 2.5 Filters.

The Problem

The main sources of air pollution include vehicle exhaust emissions, tire dust, wood fires and power generation.

Introducing Yemaya Moon’s Cotton Masks

It’s a mask with a difference. With reusable, washable cotton skin designed to complement any outfit, and changeable filters.

The Reusable Mask with filter stops over 97% of small airborne pollution and protects your face.

Particulate Matter Protection

The biggest pollution concern in terms of your health comes down to tiny hazardous particles suspended in the air called ‘particulate matter’. Some of the most potent of these particles is called PM2.5 meaning that these particles are less than 2.5 microns.

To put this into perspective, a micron is a millionth of a metre, with a human hair being around 70 microns.


  • Adult Reusable & Washable Cotton Face Mask With Filter Pocket & 2 Filters.
  • Machine / Hand Washable (Hand-Wash preferred).
  • Brand New.
  • Made of Cotton, comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Can be used with filters or without. Filters recommended for extra protection.
  • PM 2.5 - 5 layer filter including activated carbon and small particulate filters.
  • PM 2.5 filter means it filters particules under 2.5 microns (ie pollen and most bacteria/viruses).
  • Elastic hook straps for a ‘one size fits all’.
  • 2-Layer with a pocket to fit in a changeable filter of your own choice.
  • Filters can last extended periods – discard when become clogged. 
  • Variety of colour mask options (subject to stock availability).

Each Purchase includes:

1 x Mask

2 x Filters

Size: H14cm x W21cm (fit most)


Australian Owned & Operated Small Business.


Can I buy more filters for these masks?

Yes! We have filters for sale on their own (replacement filters) in our online shop in packs of 2 filters (identical to the pack of 2 filters supplied with the masks).

How long do the 2 filters last that are provided with the masks?

The manufacturer states the filters can last one week of daily use (each filter). Proper care should be taken to enable the best life of the filters. This includes never machine washing the filter (ie remove the filter from the mask when washing the mask), inspecting the filters regularly for structural integrity. If the integrity of the filter is compromised (ie the filter is tearing or holes apparent), it should be immediately discarded.

Where does the filter go?

The filters are placed inside the pocket on the internal (white) part of the mask. The filter can be inserted either way, both sides are identical, inside the pocket.

Which side faces the body on a PM 2.5 filter since both sides are white?

The Grey side should be facing away from your face.

How should I wash the mask?

Always remove the filter before washing the masks – and wash your hands after touching either the outside part of the mask or the filter.

The masks are made of cotton and can be machine or hand washed as desired (Hand-Wash preferred), under a gentle or delicate cycle (cold or warm water). It is not recommended to put the masks into the dryer, allow to air dry. We recommend that masks should be washed daily after use. Remember to disinfect your hands after removing the mask.

Should I disinfect the filters and how?

The filters can be disinfected if desired (although not required) using UV disinfection (using UVC devices). Disinfecting the filter will not extend its use, but will make it safer to use and wear. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, after handling the filter.

Can I return my mask?

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns of masks for hygiene reasons.

Shipping from Brisbane Australia.

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