Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box - Yemaya Moon
Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box - Yemaya Moon
Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box - Yemaya Moon
Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box - Yemaya Moon
Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box - Yemaya Moon

Wellness Tea Gift Set - Tea Drops Assortment Box

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Need the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life (even if it's just yourself!)? Our tea gift assortment features our most popular Tea Drops and comes in a keepsake wooden box.

♥ Tea Drops are organic pressed teas that dissolve in your cup. Comprised of organic tea, spices, and lightly sweetened with raw sugar. This eliminates the need for teabags and sweetener packets.

LOOSE LEAF TEA WITHOUT THE FUSS ♥ With nothing more elaborate than a cup and hot water, these organic morsels of finely-sourced loose leaf organic tea, raw sugar, and aromatic spices meld in perfect harmony to create a blissful organic herbal tea blend that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

WORLD SOURCED ORGANIC HERBAL TEAS ♥ We strive to foster community and connection through our loose tea products. That’s why Tea Drops sources our teas from around the world and lovingly craft our Certified organic tea products.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY ♥ 100% Recyclable, Compostable, & Bio-degradable! Packaging protects each individually wrapped Tea Drops. Our classic wood tea boxes are composed of high quality Paulownia wood that feature a luxe sliding top for easy access to your favorite individually wrapped Tea Drops.

A PERFECT TEA SET GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS ♥ The perfect gift for avid tea drinkers, busy professionals, and even outdoor types who want to take a healthy and convenient beverage on the go.

Comes in a keepsake wooden box: (8 Drops). Each Tea Drop is individually wrapped.

Citrus Ginger (Caffeine-Free) - 2 Amber Drops Bud:

A delicate fusion of the sweetness of freshly squeezed oranges with the subtle, yet powerful zing of crushed ginger. Citrus Ginger is comprised of citrus rinds, citrus extracts, finely-crushed ginger, peppermint, and organic sugar to make up this youthful and invigorating caffeine-free offering.

Matcha Green Tea (Caffeinated) - 2 Drops:

Matcha Green Tea is a treasured powder from Japan and the heart of the traditional Japanese Tea ceremony celebrated for hundreds of years. Matcha has a smooth taste with a vegetal, earthy hint. The presence of rich amino acids give Matcha a creamy taste. We've made our Matcha Green Tea Buds with high grade, organic Matcha green tea blended with the subtle sweetness of organic and raw Demerera sugar.

Natural Healing Turmeric (Caffeine Free) - 2 Drops:

Each half-sphere shaped Tea Bud is artfully crafted with organic turmeric root powder and organic coconut sugar. We derive the coconut sugar from the flowers of organically grown Indonesian coconut trees. Each Tea Drop contains a full teaspoon of turmeric spice. We personally love mixing this blend with coconut milk as a delicious and full-body morning tea. The tea will awaken you with curcumin's hot peppery, earthy taste, and the raw coconut sugar will add a soft sweet balance.

Blueberry Acai White Tea (Caffeinated)  - 2 Blue Heart Drops:

Our Blueberry Acai is the fruity tea of the family, but BERRY rich with antioxidants found in organic blueberries and acai berries. If you like it ice-y, our Blueberry Acai will keep you refreshed all day long.


We Deliver Australia –wide! Please allow 2-7 business days for your order to arrive.

Please note: This product does not ship Internationally.

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