The Path That Expands You

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It’s easy to lose track of simple truths.

Simple truth eventually become cliche.

And the cliche eventually becomes ignored.

But this happens to our detriment.

Because those simple truths are still powerful. Still needed.

One such truth is that gratitude is essential.

It’s easy to hear that, think ‘Yeah, I know’ and then switch off.

But don’t.

That’s the path to an unconscious life.

Instead, pay attention even if you feel this is something you’ve heard before.

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational energies we can experience.

It makes you happier.


More attractive.

And more attractive, in a manifesting sense, to the things you WANT in life.

As we release old negative energies, bad habits, bad things and ground lessons, we must also remember:

There were many beautiful, important things that happens all the time.

So, let us honour those things by giving thanks.

Sit and ask to see all the good things that happened last year and now.

Tune into the positive emotion those things made you feel.

Tell them, “Thank you.”

Think of the things you you’re grateful aren’t in your life anymore.

Illnesses overcome.

Painful relationships released.

What absences have improved your life?

Tell them, “Thank you.”

Devote an hour to this if you can, just once in this year.

If that frightens you, try for 30 minutes and see if you can’t continue afterward.

And as you do it, immerse yourself in these bright feelings.

In the sound of your voice as it gives thanks.

Bathe yourself in gratitude.

You’ll come out clean and glowing, ready for new days.

Release & Receive.