Simply Gum & Mints


As people fell in love with our gum, they began asking us to make mints.

So we listened.

Natural, breath freshening, and simply delicious.



Natural and Delicious Chewing Gum

It turns out that the regular chewing gum you see on grocery store shelves is filled with artificial substances, including plastic and artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Consumers are kept in the dark about what they are chewing because conventional gum brands to hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients in the catch-all term "gum base" on the label.

We knew we could do better.

Our gum chefs craft the best ingredients into the highest quality gum on the market. The result is a lightly sweetened, totally natural gum that’s better for your body and the environment.



Synthetic Free

Unlike conventional gum brands, Simply Gum uses all natural ingredients without ANY synthetics. That means no plastic base, no aspartame, and no BHT.



Non Gmo Certified

Our gum is non gmo certified and kosher certified. It is also vegan and nut-free, soy-free, and palm-free.



Made in the USA

We're proud to be made in the USA, where our gum chefs craft the highest quality ingredients into the finest gum available.



Real Flavour

We use only steam distilled essential oils and extracts, that are non gmo certified. We never use artificial flavorings or colourings.



Xylitol Free

For those who don't like sugar alcohols, our gum is for you! Yes, we do use sugar, but we use dried cane juice, which is the least refined sugar available.




​Because we only use natural ingredients (including a plastic-free base), our gum is not only better for your body, it's also biodegradable and better for the planet.