Releasing Old Energies

Play The Video With Sound On - Then Read Below

Releasing The Old & Embracing The New.

As we go about life, we pick up lots of things.

Specifically, lots of energetic attachments.

We can get energetic attachments from situations we’re finding difficult… Especially where resentment lies.

From random people we don’t know…  Who may have unknowingly sent us an energy cord just because they saw us on social media.

And from any number of places.

One energetic attachment we want to be very aware of…

Is our attachment to the version of ourselves who made mistakes before.

It’s important to detach these binds and to cleanse your energetic field.

Otherwise, you may find yourself ‘stuck’ on certain people, circumstances, feelings or habits.

A powerful method of shedding these is through a cord cutting meditation.

In many people’s experience, it’s best to be guided through one the first time.

So, I found a cord cutting meditation on YouTube.

Follow along with this one or find another if you’re so called.

Either way, I encourage you to try this.

These meditations can make profound shifts.

Release and Receive.