New Moon Ritual

Tune in… sit in a quiet place, relax, and allow the day to melt away.

Take a few moments to:

Breathe… Allowing your breath to flow through you. Deep inhale... deeper exhale.

Ground… scanning your body slowly from toes to the head… sending love and light to the parts that hold tension.

Listen...  to your inner voice, trusting your own unique wisdom

You may want to smudge your entire space.

Or at the least give yourself a clearing, smudging from head to toe.

If you want to use crystals in this ritual ~

You can place Selenite in front of you to neutralize any negativity, and put you into the state of flow. Black tourmaline will help with your ceremony and focus your intention.

This is not your usual New Moon, and we will not be focusing so much on bringing in and manifesting.

Instead, we’ll focus on tapping into neutrality, non reactivity and releasing any patterns that are clearly no longer serve us.

Take your journal and write out all thoughts/ patterns/ beliefs/ behaviours that are not serving your highest good. Take your time, and allow them all to flow…

Now we will distill these tendencies ~

Select 5 patterns which would benefit you the most to release. Write them down or memorize them.

Now close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in front of your favourite body of water.

Perhaps you are sitting on the sand by the ocean, waves slowly breaking on the shore.

Or on the grass by the river, the sounds of moving water soothing you.

Now gently place one of the 5 patterns into both your hands, walk over to the water…

...and with gratitude for all the lessons you have been taught by this behaviour, gently release it.

Watch as it flows away or sinks to the bottom of the river. Now repeat the same ritual with the remaining items.

Sit in silence for a few minutes, allow a gentle smile to grace your face and gratitude fill your heart.

Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest after this ceremony to ground.

P.S. If you can perform this ritual by an actual body of water, it would be wonderful!

Happy New Moon!